Investment Adventures in Emerging Markets

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Guest Bloggers

An Active Look at Small-Cap Investing

At Templeton Emerging Markets Group, we believe emerging market (EM) small-capitalization (small-cap) stocks represent an attractive proposition in the current investment climate. However, there are some common misconceptions regarding the asset class that conceal key strengths we believe an active manager could capitalize on.

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Emerging Markets Second-Quarter 2017 Recap: The Streak Continues

We believe emerging markets continue to offer superior growth potential compared with developed markets. The long-term trend of increased consumer penetration and improving affluence, leading to a shift to more premium products and services, should continue to bode well for these markets in the future.

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Looking Back 20 Years: Lessons of the Asian Financial Crisis

It is our job to differentiate the individual investment opportunities we see on a case-by-case basis, and use times of inevitable panic to pick up bargains where we see sound footing and good prospects.