Investment Adventures in Emerging Markets

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The Next Chapter

“I think what’s kept me young at heart is probably the interest that I have in almost everything. I have a very deep interest in so many areas of life. I like to keep studying and learning, I keep my brain active as well as my body. I also try to have a positive attitude towards life—that’s very, very important.” - Mark Mobius

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Emerging Markets Through the Years

"I’ve seen some amazing transformations taking place in emerging markets first-hand through my travels—including transformation in travel itself! These markets continue to evolve and present new opportunities for investors and tourists alike." - Mark Mobius

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Guest Bloggers

Emerging Markets Fourth-Quarter Recap and Outlook: 2017 Ends with a Bang

Emerging markets did well in 2017, and we expect the asset class to remain on an upward trend in 2018 against a favorable backdrop of robust economic growth, increased asset inflows, solid foreign reserves, strong current accounts and stable local currencies.” - Stephen Dover, Templeton Emerging Markets Group