Investment Adventures in Emerging Markets

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Emerging Markets Through the Years

"I’ve seen some amazing transformations taking place in emerging markets first-hand through my travels—including transformation in travel itself! These markets continue to evolve and present new opportunities for investors and tourists alike." - Mark Mobius

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Guest Bloggers

Emerging Markets in the Digital Age

My colleagues and I have been actively speaking about the evolution taking place in many emerging markets over the past few decades. We’ve seen dramatic shifts occurring, with the often one-dimensional economic models of the past giving way to new and diverse growth drivers. This evolution includes the rapid embrace of new technologies and the rapid digitalization of economies. Carlos Hardenberg, senior vice president and managing director at Templeton Emerging Markets Group, further addresses the topic.

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Emerging Markets Second-Quarter 2017 Recap: The Streak Continues

We believe emerging markets continue to offer superior growth potential compared with developed markets. The long-term trend of increased consumer penetration and improving affluence, leading to a shift to more premium products and services, should continue to bode well for these markets in the future.

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The Leapfrog: The Role of Technology in Accelerating Emerging Markets’ Growth

Technology and the Internet are linking potential customers to markets at a rate that would have seemed impossible even a decade ago—to the potential benefit of both the populations of emerging markets and the businesses set up to serve them.